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Small Website – Solid Punch

While a small website has its limitations, Gold Leaf can give your 3-Page website a lot of power in a small package.

How Does The 3-Page Website Succeed?

Our websites are built from the ground up to meet the latest code specs, search engine requirements, and mobile device formats. They are simple to use, easy to update, and include focused SEO content.

What Are Its Limitations?

Let’s be realistic. A 3-Page Website usually won’t outrank a much larger, well-optimized (pronounced “expensive”) website.

The 3-Page website by default, limits the amount of content you can have on a small budget.

This type of website must focus on a few specific keywords in order to get the most search value. Too many keywords loaded on a single page means Google can’t tell what’s most important, and a small website simply doesn’t have enough pages for large quantities of keywords to be used most effectively.

3-Page Sites At A Glance

Website Features

  • Custom Color Schemes
  • Keyword Focused Content
  • Industry Standard Coding
  • On-Page SEO Design
  • Simple User Interface
  • Integrated Contact Forms
  • Fully Mobile Design = Works On Any Device

Website Benefits

  • Integrates Marketing Efforts
  • Enables Additional Lead Generation
  • Options To Expand In The Future
  • Low Cost
  • Reasonable Hosting
  • User Friendly
  • Easy To Update
  • Quality Design
  • Local Service
  • Reasonable Hosting

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