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More Than Just A Phone Book

How do you know if a phone book is good or not? Unless you own your own business, chances are you have never taken the time to find out. Instead, you simply use the phone book you like best.

A Simple Experiment

Next time you are out, ask those you know which book they use. Then notice which book is most often seen in homes, offices, shops, stores, restaurants, hotels, etc. You will notice a clear pattern. Our print reputation speaks for itself. Look for the book with the pretty cover, and you’ll suddenly start to see it everywhere you go.

How Do We Compete With National Publishers?

How do we compete with large national companies even though we are a rather small, local company by comparison? The answer is simple. Most large phone directory companies simply import bulk business data, auto-sort it and publish the result while excluding any business or entity that does not pay for advertising. Publishing decisions are typically made based solely on profit margins from locations far removed from the local market. This method ALWAYS results in a woefully incomplete, sub-par product with limited usability that usually never gets near the phone.

Behind The Scenes & Beneath The Cover

When people use our books, they are the beneficiaries of an entirely different philosophy. That’s because as a local business rather than a national company, we know our market. We know what people are looking for when they use a phone book (and no, it’s not just the yellow page advertising like so many large companies believe). It is also the residential information, reverse directory, community information, and maps. (view phone book features)

It is the painstaking verification of every business listing every year. It is the addition of ALL known businesses within the coverage area into the yellow pages, regardless of advertising interest. It is also the sorting, verifying, and formatting of all city, county, and government entities in such a way that allows anyone who uses the book to readily find what they are looking for.

These practices form the intangibles that people can’t easily identify as reasons they use our books over those of other companies. It is this philosophy that a great phone book can only be great if it truly contains all available information presented accurately that has served Gold Leaf Directories so well.

It is this philosophy that has created a reputation of quality and usability. Our books are known for their pretty covers across the Western Slope, but in reality, what’s inside the book is what really sets them apart.

Usability Equals Advertising Value

Although there are no guarantees with advertising, you can’t go wrong with the quality, reputation, and usability of our print advertising. Our rates are very reasonable because we are a local company and therefore not tied to large national markets. Simply put, our print advertising does what it is intended to do, give you a reasonable way to reach a vast number of customers quickly.

Now You Know

As Paul Harvey so often said, “Now you know the rest of the story.”

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