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Internet Bold Listing Anchors

internet bold listing package

Package Includes:

  • Website listed and highlighted in in-column ads
  • Website listed in ALL yellow page listings
  • Website listed in ALL white page listings
  • Option to highlight website in display ads
  • Bold Website Directory Listing

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Get The Best Of Both Worlds

Is your business caught between the advertising tools that have worked so well for so long and those you will rely on heavily in the future? If so, our internet bold listing package may be just the thing for you.

Yellow Page Advertising For Your Website?


If you want to consolidate ALL of your customer base, don’t you need to let them know where to find you?

It seems like a simple thing, but many businesses miss this opportunity to focus their message by not integrating their marketing efforts.

How Does An Internet Bold Listing Help?


When you purchase an internet bold listing anchor, your website is highlighted and prominently shown under ALL of your phone book listings in both the yellow pages and the white pages.

Do you have an in-column ad? Yep, your website will be highighted there too. Even your display ads can include the website highlight.

Your listing will also appear in bold highlight in our website directory section at the front of the book.

Exceptional Value | Minimal Cost

Where else can you get your website in the hands of 100,000 people a year for so little cost?

If it’s yellow pages and phone calls, great! If they see your website, go online, and contact you via email, you win again.

Either way, you are gaining interactions with customers and directing them toward the future of your business. That’s why we say “the best of both worlds.”

Use Today’s Tools To Prepare For The Future

Yellow pages are a very consistent and valuable advertising source. Why not use them to the fullest as you expand your business vision into the future?

Isn’t it time to focus your message and get the word out?